GWEN is an agora for scientists and study sites, with the overall aim to investigate, quantify and compare across different scales, and different hydroclimatic, wetland, and human disturbance and organization conditions:

a. The reciprocal interactions between wetlands, wetland networks and their hydrological catchments, in terms of water fluxes and waterborne spreading and loading of tracers, excess nutrients and pollutants.

b. The ecosystem services provided by natural and managed wetlands and wetland networks in different catchments.

c. The influence of (historic to future) hydroclimatic variability and change within the catchments on the wetland interactions in (a) and ecosystem services in (b).

GWEN was started by and is coordinated by Professor Georgia Destouni, at the Department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University. Phase 1 of GWEN started in 2011 and includes the establishment of the network and its objectives and includes a first set of study sites and related research (see Phase 1 for more information about participants, study sites and outcomes). Phase 2 of GWEN was initiated in 2018 with a workshop in Colombia and establishment of new research goals for this phase (see Phase 2 for more information).

Dr. Josefin Thorslund is the project assistant of GWEN, from the Department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University. For any questions regarding GWEN (e.g. joining the network, our ongoing research projects and workshops), please email: